Gary - South Durham

Gary with Jack and Glasper

Gary joined Paws for Walks® in 2009 to help his partner with the expanding services on offer. Sadly, Gary passed away on 2nd June 2021 whilst cycling on the Isle of Mull. To ensure Gary's legacy lives on, Janice, Hayley and Emily set themselves on a mission to purchase and supply defibrillators on the island with the sole purpose of helping others who find themselves in a similar situation to Gary. You can find more information on the at ‘Paws for Walks® – South Durham’ facebook page, but here's a quick timeline of events that we believe would make Gary proud:

16th June 2021 - It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this. My beloved Gary, this lovely, kind, caring and beautiful man, died on 2nd June while we were on holiday on the Isle of Mull. He has left a huge hole in my life and a lot of his doggy friends and their owners are going to miss him dreadfully too. Gary had two passions in his life, one was our own dogs and also those he walked on a daily basis, the other was cycling. It was while he was out cycling on an absolutely stunning route that he simply got off his bike, sat down and passed quietly.

2nd August 2021 - Thought I would give an update for all of you who have so generously and very kindly donated to the fundraising for the defibrillator in Gary’s memory which will be situated in the remote village of Torloisk on the Isle of Mull. Together we have raised a total of £2,415.18 including Gift Aid. This is an amazing amount and we should all be extremely proud, I know Gary would be. This is more than enough to cover the cost of one defibrillator with an amount which is not too far short of buying a second in another location. Thank you all so much and if you do happen to visit Mull please do visit Torloisk as we are having a plaque in Gary’s memory placed with the machine.

6th August 2021 - NEW DEFIBRILLATOR (posted by 'Mull and Iona Community Trust). We have just added another Public Access Defibrillator to our network - at the Old Mill, Torloisk. The defibrillator has been donated by the family and friends of Gary Brown who tragically died in June of a heart attack whilst on holiday on Mull. He was doing what he loved, cycling, and the response from his family and friends has been amazing, exceeding the fundraising target which means that a second defibrillator can be provided.

7th October 2021 - NEW PUBLIC ACCESS DEFIBRILLATOR (posted by 'Mull and Iona Community Trust). We're delighted that another defibrillator has been added to the network across Mull and Iona - at Dervaig Primary School. The defibrillator has been donated by the family and friends of Gary Brown who tragically died in June of a heart attack whilst on holiday on Mull. If you would like to make a donation towards the upkeep and maintenance of our defibrillators please visit our Just Giving page -

3rd May 2022 - This is a message for those of you who knew Gary and especially those who so kindly donated to the collection to help fund the two defibrillators on the Isle of Mull. I am here at the moment and have today seen in situ these life saving machines. One is situated on the grounds of the Old Mill in Torloisk and the other on the grounds of the primary school in Dervaig, the latter of which has already been used to help save one of the local residents. This makes my heart sing and knowing that they will go on helping the local community and tourists alike makes me feel very proud. Thank you everyone.

South Durham – Now closed, but still offering a limited service to friends in the local community. Please visit the 'Paws for Walks - South Durham' facebook page for updates - ‘Paws for Walks® – South Durham’.

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