Dog WalkingDog Walking - Out at work all day or just don’t have the time to give your best friend the daily walk he deserves – we CAN help.

The first step is to meet you and your dog (and the whole family if appropriate) for an initial assessment, which is when we can get to know each other and we can find out what your requirements will be.

If you are likely to be out at work or just not at home on walk days we would require you to let us keep a house key, which at all times will be kept in a safe and secure place, we can then collect your dog and take him/her for a fun walk and deliver back safely, making sure we wipe any muddy paws. If you are at work all day we will try our best to keep your dog out of the house and not "home alone" for as long as we can. All of the dogs love being in the vans alongside their playmates and if they are one of the first to be collected they don’t mind the ride whilst we "round the others up" and head off for our destination. We always carry a supply of drinking water as well as towels to dry off those wet paws. We offer a very flexible service and if you think your dog will not be happy travelling we will endeavour to accommodate by taking in a walk from your home.

Our vehicles are very dog friendly and are fitted out with secure, enclosed cages which have a rubber matting with vet bed on top making them very easy to clean and sanitise. We do not have any barrier between the dogs and ourselves, that way the dogs can sense we are there and also get a sniff of who will be joining them on their next walk. It is not unusual for us to sing to our companions while on route, whether they appreciate this or not only they can say!!

While we are walking your dog we always try to instil good manners and behaviour and if you have any behaviour issues we will try to help throughout the duration of the walk. Walking is essential to both the physical and mental health of your dog and our intention for all the dogs in our care is to give them fun, stimulation and exercise then deliver them back safe and happy. We will make sure they have water and we can also feed your dog if required.

Our walking areas vary according to the dogs we are walking that particular day. We do like to take in country walks with fields where the dogs can have a good run around, if they are that way inclined. If your dog is more of a plodder they can just tootle along at their own speed. Another favourite is a river walk as a lot of our dogs love to have a paddle and especially if the weather is warm it is a good way for them to cool off.

All this aside, our main priority is to keep your dog safe and if we feel, for whatever reason, that your dog will be safer on a lead for a particular walk we will do so. Here’s a few images for you to look at. As you will see, all our friends enjoy themselves when they go on a walk with us!

Pet Sitting and Small Pet Care

Pet Sitting, Guinea Pig

We are a Council approved boarding establishment with a 5 star rating, offering luxury home boarding facilities for dogs and small pets (licence number AWHOME05323/01008/AWHOME).

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs can also enjoy that "home from home" break while you are on holiday. We now have very well equipped accommodation both indoors and outdoors for your little furry friends where they will be well cared for and pampered in your absence. However, if you prefer your animals to stay in their own cage or hutch we can call once a day to your home to clean, feed and water your little pets and make sure they are safe and secure.

Cats are independent animals and usually much happier when left in their own environment. We can call once or twice a day (dependant on where you live) to spend a little time with them, make sure their litter tray is clean and they have food and clean water. If you have an elderly or infirm cat we can also administer any medication they may need and keep an extra careful eye on them to make sure they are happy and content.

Paws for Walks® – whatever your pet needs, give us a call®