Janice - South Durham


Paws for Walks was an idea brought about by my love for animals and for the outdoor life, walking in particular. Together with my experience as a veterinary nurse, for me this is the perfect vocation. At the time I had 2 dogs of my own who were regularly walked twice a day, but I was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle work and family commitments and also keep my dogs happy. So, I began working part time and devoted my spare time to helping people in a similar situation to my own. Then in November 2005, after a lot of hard work from family and friends, Paws for Walks® was born.

I have always had pets from being a very young child including dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and of course goldfish. My parents were always very tolerant of my passion for looking after the small furries, my Dad in particular.

Indeed, when I had a family of my own I still had dogs and rabbits pretending they were for the children, but secretly it was because I cannot bear life without animals. Gary and I didn't have any dogs of our own after losing Milo, Zara and little Jack over the years, all to old age. However we did have the rabbits Bun Bun and Snowflake, who lived together, and Star my old Dutch rabbit together with the guinea pigs Mama, Mia and Fudge. Recent additions to our family are the hens, who are an absolute delight. We have the two fat ladies, Clarissa and Jenny, and the slightly larger hens are Delia and Rusty. Who would have thought that these feathered creatures could bring so many smiles to our faces, and the eggs are a bonus too.

Unfortunately, Gary passed away during a holiday to the Isle of Mull on 2nd June 2021 and I decided to retire from Paws for Walks® during the following year.  I do of course still have the privilege of looking after the pets of close friends, which is always a pleasure.

Thank you to all the clients who have put their trust in me over the years.

South Durham – Now closed, but still offering a limited service to friends in the local community. Please visit the 'Paws for Walks - South Durham' facebook page for updates - ‘Paws for Walks® – South Durham’.

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